Groups and Resources

A strong support system for diversity and social justice

Adelphi students, faculty and staff gather and work together in a variety of ways to discuss and address diversity-related issues on campus. 

Administrative Offices and Support Services

The Office of the Provost, Office of Human Resources, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Interfaith Center provide vital services in support of campus diversity.

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Organizations and Initiatives

These community-focused groups and initiatives are dedicated to opening dialogues and making positive change.

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Student Cultural Awareness Services and Resources

A variety of diversity-focused resources are offered by the Office of Student Affairs to the student community.

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Training and Mentoring

Diversity awareness stems from engaging educational experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

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Veteran Resource Center

Located in Hagedorn Hall, Room 203, the center is an invaluable resource to Adelphi’s veterans, active duty military students and community.

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Academic Opportunities
Learn about our culturally diverse areas of study.
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I Am Diversity
A poster series celebrating members of our campus community.
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AU Collaboration Project
Building community and fostering understanding.
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Thoughts on Diversity

Ultimately, America’s answer to the intolerant man is diversity.– Robert Kennedy

Thoughts on Diversity

I believe that strong and vibrant cultures themselves nurture tolerance and justice. All cultures worth the name protect support and encourage diversity; and justice is the practical mechanism which enables them to do so.– Dr. Nafis Sadik, former UNFPA Executive Director